Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I am a hep. C patient. I am 40 year old. I was diagnose in 2000. I was not given much information. I had a liver biopsy in April 2000. The result was 2/6 . My consultant recommended for me the usual treatment. but when my nurse told me the side effects of the treatment I decided not to have the treatment. Because I had no symptoms only tiredness and very little pain in liver area. Plus I had been told that it is a very slow progressing disease, so I did not have the courage to risk my healthy 2003 I create courage and decided to go for the treatment. My consultant told me that I had to have a new liver biopsy. So in July 2004 I had a new liver biopsy with surprising result that was 5/6. That is 3 point more within 4 years time. That time I forgot to ask my consultant about this quick progress of liver damage. But I asked my nurse about that. She said it could be be the first report was wrong . But I said it could be the new one is wrong because both reports were made in the same hospital and by the same doctor. Then she said I will ask the liver specialist about that . So the liver damage progress is still a wonder for me.


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