Sunday, July 09, 2006

Liver Scan

On Monday 3rd July I attended the hospital for liver scan. I had liver scan before I started the treatment. This time nurse said let me view your last scan reports. So with workink on the computer for a few moments, he found my last scan reports. Then he started the scan. The scan was very smooth and quick. The nurse told me that your liver condition pretty much the same there is not much difference. Then he told me that he will send these reports to my doctor.

I came out of the room with incoming questions in my mind, like would my liver damage ever be recovered? or I have to live like that for the rest of my life?As my nurse Susan told me that if liver got big damage like mine 5/6 it is possibility that it would not heal but it would not get any further damage either because there is no virus. That mean I have to live with damaged liver and I have to live with slight liver area pain. I still get tiredness and headache after some work and, perhaps I have to live like that all my life.

I am still happy whatever the situation is ! and thankful to God. Now I got appointment with Doctor Thomas in Sep. 2006 and I am saving my questions for him.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

6 Months post treatment PCR Test Results

On Thursday 2oth April I saw my consultant Prof. Thomas. He is a very busy person. That was my third visit to the hospital to see Dr. Thomas. First time I saw Dr. Thomas In Sep. 2004 and second time in April 2005. My wife was with me. After a while Dr. Thomas called us in. There was two folder in front of him stacking one on the other. He opened the top folder and started reading the folder. After a while he put the folder on his table and started ringing some one. My heart started beating very fast and it was faster when I managed to read some words from the folder that was "Hep. C +" and than I was believing that the virus has come back. I was feeling very low and sad but inside me some where I was feeling a strong blessing of God and I was saying in my heart that I am happy with you Oh, God what ever the result is?

But soon it was revealed that The Prof. Had opened a wrong old folder when he told me that I got Genotype 3a and I need 6month treatment for this and than my wife told him that I had my treatment already. Then the Prof. said Oh, "I am sorry some one put your old folder on the top, one time that old folder was lost and when some one fond it, it was placed on the top of the current folder". (I think the reason Prof. could not recognized me because that was only third appointment with him and it was more than one year after the last appointment.)

Then he opened my current folder and told me the good news that it is still undetectable!!!!!!. On that I took a deep breath and thanked God.

Then Prof. told me that there is no need to see you again, but when I asked him that some time I still feel pain in my liver area. He explained me very nicely that if you got lots of scaring on your liver it will take time to heal and you will feel pain in your liver area. If the liver damage is 6/6 it called cirrhosis it will not be repaired. But in your case your liver damage is 5/6 and it will heal but it will take time. Then he told me that there is a new scan trial in progress to find out liver damage without a liver biopsy. Then he put me for a ultra sound scan and told me that they might put me forward for a new trial scan. I agreed with him. Now I have got an appointment for ultra sound scan on 3rd of July 2006 and an appointment with Prof. Thomas on 19th of April 2007.

I am very thankful to God for good results. and I want to say a special thanks for every one who prayed for me, God bless you all. Now I am able to say that the virus has been killed......, crushed......, defeated....., vanished...... and disappeared....... with the grace of God and with the prayers of you all.

Finally I came out of the hospital and I had to buy a Paddington bear at the Paddington Railway Station for my wife to fulfill my promise that I will buy that paddington bear for her if I got last results undetectable and She was very happy ,I am happy and I pray for every one for there happy news and happy endings..........

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Last PCR Test

Hi, Everybody I have been Away from blogging activities because of some personal reasons. I am catching up with every one,s blog now.

On 22nd of March 2006 I have seen my nurse Susan. She was very polite and good to me as usual. She took my blood samples for 6 month post treatment PCR test. Then she ask me that have I got appointment with my consultant Prof. Thomas ? I told her that I had appointment with him on 6th of April 2006 but now I have received the letter from the hospital that my appointment date has been changed to September 2006. Susan was surprised to hear that. She said I know that Prof. is busy for European conference and the hospital have to change all opponents but my date was very far. So she talked to the hospital and with her effort the hospital gave me the appointment on 20th of April 2006. She told me that she will not ring me about my results , I have to wait until I see my consultant. By this time the result will be ready. She was very nice and she said, "fingers crossed, I hope you will get good results this time too".
God bless her, I pray for every one for good life and good results for their results.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

So Far So Good 3 Month Post Treatment PCR Result Undetectable!!!!!!!

My Nurse was on holiday. She came back on 6th December 2006. So last Friday I rang my nurse and asked her about the results. She was very pleased to tell me that so far so good and my results was undetectable. But she said it not time to celebrate yet, you have to wait for 6 month post treatment PCR test results.

So I am very thankful to God for this. And I want to say thanks to every one who prayed for me. My next appointment with my nurse for 6 month post treatment PCR test is on 23rd march 2006 and then I got appointment with my consultant Pro. H . Thomas on 4th April 2006. I pray and wish good health for every one. On Tuesday I will be celebrating Eid-ul-adha. I will remember every one of you in Eid and pray for good healthy life.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Blood Samples For PCR Test

On Friday 16th Dec. I saw my nurse. She was very pleased to see me. She asked me how I was. I told her, "I am doing well but some time I get pain in my liver site. And that pain is after dinner when I get wind in my tummy". She told me that it is not necessary that this pain is because of Hep. C, it could be any other reason. Then she told me that your last blood test results show that you are doing very well and your liver functions are becoming normal.

Then my nurse told me that this PCR test is very important. The result could be undetectable or it could be detectable but when you will have your next 24 week after PCR test, the result could be the same as this test or opposite. She told me that you will not get results this year. So ring me after 3rd January 2006. I pray to God for me and every other sufferer for good results and good health.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Post Treatment 10th week (05/12/05-11/12/05)Liver Site Pain

I have been away from my computer activities. Now I am trying to catch up with every other blogs.
Post treatment days and I have nearly forgotten that one day I was on treatment. Some time after eating I get wind in my tommy and then I get pain in liver site. I hope and pray its not virus coming back!

Tiredness and breathlessness has finished and I feel almost fit and healthy apart from liver site pain. On 16th December I am going for second PCR test. My nurse have already told me that the result could be undetectable or very less amount of viruses. And it could be detectable! in this case I have to wait for an other new medicine to get the treatment as medicine research for Hep. C is still in progress. So I am not worry about the result. Whatever the result I would accept it and thankful to God.

I pray for every one for good health. I want to say every one Marry Christmas and A Happy New Year. I will be busy to celebrate our second Eid on 10th or 11th January 2006. May God bless us all.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Post Treatment 5th Week ( 31/10/05-06/11/05)

Post treatment days going very smoothly and very quickly. Every thing is normal. Sometime I get dry skin so I have to use E45 cream. So over all I am doing well. Month of Ramadan is ending to day. And tomorrow I will be celebrating Eid. I will be praying for myself and every other patients for good health.

last week I have seen my nurse. She took blood samples. Then she asked me about my next PCR test date. She told me that my post treatment 12th week is finishing on 18th December and because of the Christmas holidays they might not be able to process my results this year. So I have the choice to come for the test before Christmas or next year in January 2006. She advised me to take the chance before Christmas, so I agreed with her and she booked my next appointment for me on 16th December 2005 for my 1st post treatment PCR test.