Friday, July 08, 2005

Muslims and terrorists

Muslims And terrorists, Yes these are the two words most of the people are speaking together these days. Perhaps they have to because people who are doing these horrible and unrecoverable damages they are claiming to be Muslims.

I have read my religious books Al-Quran and Sunna, there is no chance to harm or kill any innocent people. If you kill one innocent person according to Islamic law they have to face death in this world or they will face hell in the next world for ever. Just imagine in Sep. the 11th, and in London and in other places how many innocent people they have killed and how deepest they will be put in to the Hell.

So if you don't believe in Quranic educations you are not Muslim at all. There is one group of people we call them QADIANI they do every single act what a Muslim should do. But don't believe in just One Islamic order. So all Muslims believes that according to Islamic law you have to accept a complete code of life. You can not choose or change Gods law. So the QADIANI people are not entitled to call themselves Muslims if they called themselves as Muslims, Muslims would not accept them as a part of there community.

So the terrorist groups are. If they called themselves Muslims, no true Muslim will accept them as a part of the Islamic community because they are completely out of Islamic educations and teachings.

I feel deeply sorry for all the families who lost their loved ones in this terrible tragedy. Of course their loss is unrecoverable. God give them patience.


At 6:43 AM, Blogger MartinB said...

Hi Ijaz,
Thank you for being brave and explaining all that. One of the problems we all battle is ignorance, and it is partly because very few will stand up and explain it to those of us who know nothing about the Muslim religion.
You do yourself, the Muslim religion, and religious tolerance great credit.
Thanks again,

At 12:40 PM, Blogger Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Ijaz,

I echo Martin's comments. The information you provide is fascinating and helps to dispell myths that many are so quick to perpetuate in the name of blame.

Thank you, Sue

At 1:08 AM, Blogger jeremy said...

Hi Ijaz
I just want to add that I very much hope that you do not suffer any abuse or attacks - I have read that there have already been attacks on mosques. I hope that you and the majority within Islam that think like you will be able to create an atmosphere where the views that lead to these kind of attacks are isolated. We all have a job to do to reduce the hatred and injustice in the world that allows fanaticism to take hold.
Very best wishes to you,

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Ron Metcalfe said...

Hi Ijaz
I also thank you for your comments and I have learned new information.

It is an uncomfortable time for us all and it will not help if we begin to link words like Muslim, terrorists and blame together.

That the bombers are from our own country makes it all the more confusing for all of us.

All the best


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