Tuesday, June 28, 2005

11th Week(27/06/05-03/07/05)Injection 11

Injection 11 went very smoothly, no bubbles and no pain. I had normal side effects fever, headache and weakness. Thank God no major side effects.

Last week I attended the appointments with Dr. Ruttley the Psychiartist and my nurse. The doctor was very pleased to see me. She asked me some questions about how I was feeling when I started my treatment and how I am feeling now. Then she asked me about irritation. I told her that I do not get excited quick. Once I was stroking the cat my wife said you should not tease the cat. I was very annoyed with my wife and told her that do you think that because I am on treatment so I am teasing the cat. I am just playing with the cat. And you should leave me alone.I told the Doctor that I keep this in my mind that I could be very nasty with other people while I am on treatment so I should not be very excited and I should keep myself nice and calm. At the end of our meeting the doctor told me that I don't think I need to see you again during the treatment. You look more brighter and happier then before the treatment. I would like to see you one month after the treatment.So I said good bye to her and sat in the waiting room to see the nurse.

After a while the nurse called me in. She was happy too but not very encouraging. She gave me last blood results. My ALT was up to 114 but I was not surprised because Ron already told me about it.She took the new blood tests. She told me that because you got lots of scaring on your liver so after the 12th injection on 11th of July you need to see me for PCR test. She told me because I am 40 and I am old, so most of old peoples tolerate the treatment well but because of low immunesystem they don't response. (That was not very encouraging thing to tell the patient) I did not say any thing to her only I thought that it will happen what God wants. Then I took the slip for next med pack and said good bye to her with smile.


At 10:40 AM, Blogger jane1962 said...

Hello Ijaz, I am Jane and have followed your blog with interest since you began. I just wanted to say "well done" for giving your nurse that smile, I'm not sure I could have been so generous spirited and dignified! I have read that someone said to their nurse "only tell me positive things about my progress" and I think in your nurse's case she would be well advised to be a bit more encouraging. I do realise that we need to hear the truth from our health professionals but there are definately ways of treating patients (and thats what we are; THEIR patients, keeping them in work that presumably they have chosen to do) that leave a better impression of their compassion. I just hope your nurse reads this! Best wishes in the rest of your tx.

At 12:20 AM, Blogger ijaz ahmad said...

Hi Jane,

thank you for sharing your feelings with me. i agreed with you that we need to hear the truth about our treatment. and it is no good if we tell the patient only nagetive sides of the treatment.

i tried to go on your site but i think you have not started your blog properly yet. please let me know when you start it.



At 5:20 AM, Blogger Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Ijaz,

I also believe that giving your nurse that smile shows wisdom and understanding.

Am extremely impressed with your comprehension of the effects of treatment on mood and affect. I also keep in mind each day that I have the ability to be overly irritable, or emotional, on the treatment. Even so, I am not always successful at controlling it completely and I admire your ability to do so. The words of your physician are wonderful and encouraging.

Ijaz, 40 is not old! You are a young man still! I am sure the nurse meant people of our age may tolerate the treatment better than the very young....

Best wishes for week 11. I am glad to hear the injection went well this week.


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Ron Metcalfe said...

Hi Ijaz

I am alot older than you (as you can see from my pictures at the Exhibition) and people 40 and above can respond.

The PCR test she is talking about at Week 12 is a standard one they do. When I had mine done at week 12 it showed I was responding to treatment. Others bloggers on treatment over 40 have PCR tests showing they are responders. So don't get too discouraged by the 'warning' - which they are obliged to give everyone I think.

I wish I could find it in me to smile when I leave a situation I am not happy about.

At 3:29 AM, Blogger lu said...

HI Ijaz

I agree with Sue - 40 is young!! I think there are lots of us around this age! You've had problems with your nurse not being very positive in the past haven't you? It makes such a difference when medical staff are optimistic, but ultimately even if she is a bit negative, it doesn't change what happens. And you know, it is always reassuring to know that there are new treatments on the way all the time.

Keep smiling

At 1:19 PM, Blogger ijaz ahmad said...

Hi Sue, Ron, and Lu,

Thanyou for you very encourging comments. i think its the best way to keep smile on your face ignoring what is happening.

i will be thinking of you all.

whith best wishes.



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