Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Week3rd(02/05/05-08/05/05)Injection3.AND DEPRESSING NURSE

On Monday I did the third injection in the evening with two paracetamols as Martinb, Sue, Lu and Ron advised me. It was ok. All I felt at midnight was flue like symptoms but soon I went to sleep.No major side effects at all only weakness and hard breathing.

yesterday I visited my nurse. This visit was very depressing. First thing she said was good that ,your last blood result was very good and you don,t need weekly blood tests any more. You need to come back after one month. If any thing is wrong in the new blood test I will ring you. Then I asked her when can you tell me about the response of the treatment? Then she started talking depressing things. She said we never tell people about the response because the virus can be undetectable after 3 or 6 months but they can hide in your brain or bonemarrow and can come back any time. I said that's right but what will happen if the virus comes back? She said only one thing you have good is that you have got geno type3 but you are overweight so this treatment might not help you. If this treatment is unsuccessful we won,t do any thing after this. You had your go and other people need to have their turn. I said that I read on internet that people are having their third go after unsuccessful treatment. She said no it is not possible, perhaps they had old treatment and now they are trying new treatment. Then I did not argue much and took the perscription for the next month med. pack and copy of blood test results and said good bye to her. After this visit I felt very depressed. Because she did not give me any hope. God bless her.


At 9:47 AM, Blogger MartinB said...

Hi Ijaz,
Why so down? Nine out of ten genotype three patients are cured first time, and you stand every chance of being one of them. The reason why they don't do more tests during treatment is that the results are so good!
Most of the people who get re-treated have genotype 1 which is a lot harder to cure, and they have been through older less effective treatment.
Relax! You are ten times more likely to succeed than fail!

At 10:51 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Martin is right, Ijaz. You have no need to worry. Your chances of clearing the virus are so good they don`t bother with testing.

Take it easy, my friend.


At 5:41 PM, Blogger Sue, Toronto said...

Hi Ijaz,

I sympathize with how you are feeling, having had a visit with my nurse recently that left me uncomfortable.

We do have a very good chance of clearing this virus with genotype 3. Your nurse and mine, I would like to believe (because it's the nicer thing to believe), most probably do not wish to give us unrealistic expectations, or false hopes about potential treatment success. Maybe in this way, there is no possibility of our misinterpreting outcome - we end up happily surprised and grateful if we actually clear the virus and maintain a sustained response.

I think it is very good of you to pray for your nurse. I will pray for mine too. And hope that they will understand how hard it is for us to hear that things may not turn out as we would hope.


At 12:01 PM, Blogger lu said...

Hi Ijaz
I agree with martin paul and sue. You are in a great position with regard to your genotype. I think sometimes all health workers can have off-days and don't reassure you as you deserve. Sometimes I've found it helpful to actually ask outright for some good news! 'Can you tell me something positive please?!' It does get some good results!
Hope it's all going well, glad to hear your injection night went better.

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Jonathan said...

Hi Ijaz,

Your nurse sounds a right bitch, you've had problems with her before haven't you, if you aren't getting on with her then write to the hospital and complain and ask if there is someone else who can support you through treatment. This is a difficult enough journey without having to carry an unsupportive member of the medical profession.

The truth is probably that your hospital are too tight fisted to test you at week 12 and unfortunately the NICE guidleines that they have to follow do not dictate that a test is needed for G3. If you want to pay privately for a test then I found several places will charge about £250. In the end I paid for mine through the NHS and it cost just £40.

all the best


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