Wednesday, August 03, 2005

16thWeek(01/08/05-07/08/05)Injection 16 and PCR Result

Injection 16 went in smoothly as normal. And no major side effects. Just slight fever and sneezing. I had paracetamol tablets 2 hours after the injection.
Today I attended the nurses appointment. My nurse Marry Crossy has retired and she was not there. My new nurse Susan attended me. She is very nice and very polite. She gave very good news that my treatment is responding and we are continuing the treatment.I was very happy to hear that. Atleast I did not suffer by the treatment for nothing.Then she took blood samples and gave me my next appointment date. She said you look healthier and brighter than I saw you before the treament. Then she asked me if there is any problems I am facing? I said no I am fine at the moment. She said if there is any problems you can ring me.

Then she gave me the copy of my PCR test result, which I could not under stand very well. The result is as below.

HCV Quant .RNA(bDNA): <615 IU/ml 19.07.05
HCV Quant .RNA(bDNA): <3,200 coppies/ml
Fluctuating low levels of HCV RNA may not be detected by PCR.

All I know that my nurse told me that my treatment is responding and I am carrying on with my treatment, I thank God for that.


At 10:51 AM, Blogger misspoppy said...

Hi Ijaz,
Glad to hear injection 16 went well for you.
I bet you are happy that you've got a nice, polite new nurse too, if I remember, the last one was a bit insensitive. (hey if you think she was bad, read about mine).
Good news too that you are responding to tx, and I like the way you give the glory to God.
Good wishes
Miss Poppy

At 12:24 PM, Blogger Ron Metcalfe said...

Hi Ijaz
Good news! Big congratulations.

I don't understand what all the numbers mean terribly well myself but it looks like the virus is almost gone already and that you have had had the "log 2 drop" they talk about which shows you are responding to treatment.

So good news to be going on with as you do the rest of treatment - and encouraging for a successful outcome. And I wish you that successful outcome too, Ijaz

All the best

At 4:05 AM, Blogger ijaz ahmad said...

Hi Miss Poppy and Rone,

Thanks for you sharing your feelings with me. and thanks for your good wishes for me. i wish you go well with rest of your treatment.

With best wishes.



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