Sunday, January 08, 2006

So Far So Good 3 Month Post Treatment PCR Result Undetectable!!!!!!!

My Nurse was on holiday. She came back on 6th December 2006. So last Friday I rang my nurse and asked her about the results. She was very pleased to tell me that so far so good and my results was undetectable. But she said it not time to celebrate yet, you have to wait for 6 month post treatment PCR test results.

So I am very thankful to God for this. And I want to say thanks to every one who prayed for me. My next appointment with my nurse for 6 month post treatment PCR test is on 23rd march 2006 and then I got appointment with my consultant Pro. H . Thomas on 4th April 2006. I pray and wish good health for every one. On Tuesday I will be celebrating Eid-ul-adha. I will remember every one of you in Eid and pray for good healthy life.