Tuesday, July 26, 2005

15thWeek(25/07/05-31/07/05) Injection 15

Yesterday injection 15 went in smoothly followed by special edition caramel kitkat and twenty minutes rest. No major side effects. My cough has nearly disappeared. I have finished the course of antibiotic tablets. I was having amoxoline 500mg three times a day. In the beginning when started these tablets my head became like a stone. I was going to stop the tablets but I thought if I want to heal my throat and eat as normal I have to complete the course. I was feeling very thirsty so I started drinking water more often. Then I have to go to the loo again and again, that was very annoying. By drinking more water, my head started becoming lighter so I kept drinking water more often for three days. I think I drank 5Litrs a day and that is double the amount I usually drink these days.Thank God now I am ok and I am eating normal. I am trying to eat lots fruits like mango, bananas, apples, melons and strawberries ext plus juices. as a regular diet. Because fruits helped me to maintain my energy level when I could not eat.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

14thWeek(18/07/05-24/07/05) Injection 14

My fever has continued from Sunday until Monday noon.after I had a bath the fever was gone.So I had my injection in the evening.After the injection I had my special kit kat with 20 minutes rest. Until now no fever at all . And thank God no side effects at the moment.

I still have a tickly cough. I am taking antibiotic tablets aswell and the cough is becoming less.I am eating easily, not with hunger thou. I think my continued fever was because of my throat infection.
I hope for good luck for the rest of the week and rest of the treatment.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

No Chest Infection

Hi Every One ,

Thanks for all your sympathy, advises and help. I really appreciate all your feelings sharing with me.

On Saturday I was still suffering from fever and cough. This morning position was the same. So I decided to go to the casualty. So me and my wife went to the local hospital about 11:30 am.the hospital examined me thoroughly, blood tests and x-ray. Thank God all results were fine. But the doctor told me that i got throat infection, so he prescribed antibiotics tablets 5:00pm we were back home.
On Monday morning I will inform my GP and nurse, hopefully I will continue with my next injection.

thank you once again Martin, Nick, Sue and Ron for your help.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Fever And tickle Cough/ Stop The Injection?

This whole week I was suffering from fever and tickle cough like last week.In the morning when I brush my teeth I feel too much cough and lots of white flaming water comes out of my mouth. And my hunger has gone. On Friday my wife rang the nurse. The nurse told me that I should not get fever two day after the injection and I should go to the GP. So I manage to get the appointment with my GP at 4:30 pm.the GP examined me. Then he said every thing looks fine but there is a chance that you might got chest infection. Then he called to the hospital for latest blood test results. After a while the hospital faxed my blood results. The GP told me that blood results are fine but there is no results of PCR test yet. Then he told me that there is a small chance of chest infection so you need chest X ray but the problem is this is Friday after noon and it is not possible that I could look at the Xray results. so take the slip and go for Xray on Monday. If you feel worse you need to go the casualty.

Then he told me that ring me on Monday morning and tell your position so I can discuss with your nurse about weather should you carry on the next injection or not?

I am confused myself about the situation??????????

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

13thWeek(11/07/05-17/07/05)Injection 13

Last week was fever week. Almost every day I was getting fever, some time I was very hot and some time I was very could plus on Thursday day London bomb blast happened that gave me more grief. I had paracitamols but it was not very effective. Plus I had diarrhoea, I had to go to loo again and again. My wife was suffering from the same hot and could fever and diarrhoea. I don't know I caught these thing from her or she caught from me, or we both caught from some where else.On Sunday we both were ok.I noticed that I get double vision next day after the injection and it disappears after a while.
yesterday injection 13 went in smoothly. In the morning I went to see my nurse. She was very busy. We did not talk much. She gave me blood test slips for PCR test and booked next appointment for me.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Muslims and terrorists

Muslims And terrorists, Yes these are the two words most of the people are speaking together these days. Perhaps they have to because people who are doing these horrible and unrecoverable damages they are claiming to be Muslims.

I have read my religious books Al-Quran and Sunna, there is no chance to harm or kill any innocent people. If you kill one innocent person according to Islamic law they have to face death in this world or they will face hell in the next world for ever. Just imagine in Sep. the 11th, and in London and in other places how many innocent people they have killed and how deepest they will be put in to the Hell.

So if you don't believe in Quranic educations you are not Muslim at all. There is one group of people we call them QADIANI they do every single act what a Muslim should do. But don't believe in just One Islamic order. So all Muslims believes that according to Islamic law you have to accept a complete code of life. You can not choose or change Gods law. So the QADIANI people are not entitled to call themselves Muslims if they called themselves as Muslims, Muslims would not accept them as a part of there community.

So the terrorist groups are. If they called themselves Muslims, no true Muslim will accept them as a part of the Islamic community because they are completely out of Islamic educations and teachings.

I feel deeply sorry for all the families who lost their loved ones in this terrible tragedy. Of course their loss is unrecoverable. God give them patience.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Yesterday 12th injection went smoothly. No major side effects, all went ok as before. Half done well done.

But I noticed that last week most of the days and this morning I got double vision. One day I was watching T.V. I pressed the select Key on the Sky remote to see the time on the screen, but I noticed that I could not read the time. Every word on the screen was look shady and blurry. I thought that perhaps I need to wash my eyes so I washed my eyes but no difference. So I accepted the situation as a side effect of the treatment. About Friday I was ok but today I got it again.

Normally the day I feel very healthy before the next injection is Sunday, but last Sunday I was busy with my family in packing the stuff up as my brother and sister in law were going back to their country( Thanks for their support and help while they were here). So I could not eat any thing after the breakfast, it was late for dinner aswel. So we decided to go to a restaurant for dinner. As I was sitting in the restaurant, waiting for my dinner I felt my head was going off. I could see every one in front of me but I could not hear them. My wife was asking me are you alright but I could hardly hear her like she was calling me from very far away. Meanwhile dinner was their and I stated eating ignoring the situation. As I was eating my dinner and drinking 7up, I felt that my head is coming back. Thank God I was ok after a while.
I concluded that I should not go without eating while on treatment. I should take special care of my diet.