Tuesday, June 28, 2005

11th Week(27/06/05-03/07/05)Injection 11

Injection 11 went very smoothly, no bubbles and no pain. I had normal side effects fever, headache and weakness. Thank God no major side effects.

Last week I attended the appointments with Dr. Ruttley the Psychiartist and my nurse. The doctor was very pleased to see me. She asked me some questions about how I was feeling when I started my treatment and how I am feeling now. Then she asked me about irritation. I told her that I do not get excited quick. Once I was stroking the cat my wife said you should not tease the cat. I was very annoyed with my wife and told her that do you think that because I am on treatment so I am teasing the cat. I am just playing with the cat. And you should leave me alone.I told the Doctor that I keep this in my mind that I could be very nasty with other people while I am on treatment so I should not be very excited and I should keep myself nice and calm. At the end of our meeting the doctor told me that I don't think I need to see you again during the treatment. You look more brighter and happier then before the treatment. I would like to see you one month after the treatment.So I said good bye to her and sat in the waiting room to see the nurse.

After a while the nurse called me in. She was happy too but not very encouraging. She gave me last blood results. My ALT was up to 114 but I was not surprised because Ron already told me about it.She took the new blood tests. She told me that because you got lots of scaring on your liver so after the 12th injection on 11th of July you need to see me for PCR test. She told me because I am 40 and I am old, so most of old peoples tolerate the treatment well but because of low immunesystem they don't response. (That was not very encouraging thing to tell the patient) I did not say any thing to her only I thought that it will happen what God wants. Then I took the slip for next med pack and said good bye to her with smile.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

10thWeek(20/06/05-26/06/05)Injection 10

yesterday was not smooth injection. My wife put every thing on the table. The injection was out of the box. When I tried to move the table, the injection bin fell over the injection and the injection was flicked on the floor. Thank God it was not broken but there were air bubbles in it. I adjusted the amount of the injection and flicked it with my finger to let the air out. But the bubbles came out of the injection and start gathering at the top of the injection before the needle as tiny bubbles. I flicked the needle too many time but the tiny gathered bubbles were still there. So I put the injection in with these bubbles. I don,t know it was right or wrong?

last week on Thursday and Friday I was getting headache and on Saturday I was getting blank head. But on Sunday I was ok. And I went to Southend on sea to spend the hot day with my family. It was quiet nice day. We didn't go on any rides, only we went on the pier train to see the longest pier.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

9thWeek(13/06/05-19/06/05)Injection9 And Feeling Strange

yesterday 9th injection went smoothly. No major side effects. I had paracetamol tablets two hour after. My sore mouth has gone again.

last week most of the days were normal. On Sunday we went to Brighton. The weather was quiet sunny but not very hot. Getting the parking space was hard. After half an hour driving around I found the parking space in the city centre car park.So I parked the car and put the parking ticket in my pocket.

we went to beach and played in the water for some time. It was not too hot so we did not stay there long. Then we went to the pier and start walking along it. We had hot doughnuts there.They were very tasty. When we reached to the rides, I felt very strange. I felt that I am scare of going on the rides. My family was asking me to go on the rides. But I was saying that I don,t feel well leave me out here. I was feeling that if I go on these high and fast moving rides something will happen to me. Surely the treatment mad me like that. So after a while we had fish & chips and ice cream, then started walking towards the car park. In the car park I found out that I had lost the parking paying ticket.I must it done when I was playing in the water. So I called the assistant, he told me that I have to pay the full day charges then he can issue a new ticket. I paid the full day charges and started driving back home.
That night I felt pain all over my body, but I slept well.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

8thWeek(06/06/05-12/06/05)Injection 8

Yesterday was the injection day. All was as smooth and well as usual.

Last week I visited my nurse. She did the blood tests and she gave me the last blood test results and prescription for the next month. She was nice to me and she asked me how I was feeling. I told her that the main thing I am facing is fatigue and tiredness. She told me they are normal side effects. Then I asked her about ALT. My ALT was 206 before the treatment started and on 2nd week73, third week 81. She told me that normal ALT is under 40. I asked that there are people on internet who are having successfully treatment but the ALT is still up. She said probably they got lots of fat on there liver. And it will settle down after the treatment but you are overweight and more likely your ALT up because of your weight. I don,t know why she worried about my weight , even she told me that I am only a few kg over weight,perhaps in the beginning I requested for pegasy treatment with less rivb. According to my nurse I am not suitable for this treatment because of I am a few kg over weight and I suppose to have other kind of treatment with more rivb.

Then she asked me for the next appointment date. I said on 24 of June I got appointment with pyhciartrist, could you please adjust next appointment for the same day. She said ok. Then I asked her about after 12th week injection PCR test. She said more likely we wan,t do this test until end of the treatment. I did not argue much with her. Then I asked her about having sore mouth. She said it is a quite normal side effect. Use of bonjela or like Wendy told me rinstead pastilles could be helpful.

my sore mouth has come back and I am now using rinstead pastills its quiet helpful.