Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Post Treatment Week 3rd (17/10/05-23/10/05)

Hi Every One I am feeling well. I am busy in my Ramadan Activities. I am getting dry skin and headache for some times. I think this is because of fastening. But I am trying to drink more water with starting and opening the fast. I am continuing to pray for every one for good health.

Last week I was in grief because of South Asia Earthquake. All Natural tragedies like Tusanmi, Katrina hurricane and South Asia Earthquake, show that God wants to test the human and the vast majority of human are showing their good nature of humanity. They are feeling for each others and trying to help each other leaving behind any differences of countries, religions and geographical boundaries. I am sure that God is happy to see these kind of human spirits.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Post Treatment Days

This Monday morning I had my last 2 ribv tablets. It is now post treatment days. No injection no tablets. I started the treatment and with the blessing of God I have finished my treatment. Now the result of the treatment is with God. I did my job what I could do, having the treatment but the effects and results of the treatment are with God. What ever I get the results I will be happy and thankful to God.

I had two happy things this week. One is finishing the treatment and second is next day, on Tuseday the starting of Ramadan ( The Holy Month The Muslims Do fasting for whole month) . I am busy in Ramadan activities and I am trying to get blessing of God as much as I can. I pray for every one for good health.