Wednesday, August 31, 2005

20th Week(29/08/05-05/09/05) Injection 20 And Nurse Appointment

This Monday was the 20th injection. It was done very smoothly. I have found and chose 5 injection sites on my tummy that never been used. So I have no worry about for the rest of the injections. Every thing is going well. Some time I get sore mouth but after a while I get better.

On Tuesday I saw my nurse. The nurse was very happy to see me. She gave me the last med. slip. She told me that there will be extra tablets and you need to return them to the pharmacy. I will take the last injection on Monday the 26th of September and last 2 tablets on Monday morning the 3rd of October. She told me that I will see you one month after your last injection and she will take my blood samples for normal tests. In the beginning of January 2006 she will call me for SENSITIVE PCR test and in April 2006 I will see my consultant Professor Dr. Thomas for annual review.

I forgot to ask the nurse that why I do not have PCR test after I finished the treatment. The only thing I can think that perhaps every hospital have there own budget and rules. I pray for every hep. c sufferer to get better. God bless every one.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

19th Week(22/08/05-28/08/05) Injection 19

This Monday was my 19th injection day. This time it was not very smooth. First of all it was very hard to find the injection site. My tummy is full of tiny injection marks. They are not very big and not hurting at all but it was hard to find the free site. My wife teases me and says your tummy is like a pin cushion and laughs.
Because I did not want to extend the area of injection sites on my tummy, so I decided to put the injection in between the two old sites. When I put the injection in it was hurting a lot and after the blood came out. But the rest of the things were ok. No major side effects. Every thing is going well and I thank God for that. God bless every one.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

18thWeek(15/08/05-21/08/05) Injection 18 In Cardiff.

Last Friday my wife,s sister called us to her place for a few days. So we all went to Cardiff. I took my medicine with me. For injection I have to buy a little portable fridge. Which can be used with car adopter.

So in Cardiff we visited The Welsh Life museum. It was very interesting. My wife was interested in coal Mine pits because her father was a Coal Miner. So we went to see the "Big Pit" . It was very interesting. We went in to the actual coal Mine. We had to wear the working hats with a light bulb at the front and gas mask around our waist before we entered the cave. That was our first time experience. He showed us things about coal miners that how they were working hard and how dangerous it was. The guide told us that too many people were lost their lives while working in the caves. It was really very good trip and we all enjoyed it. Then we went to get ride on a 1958 old steam train. It was also a good trip.

In Cardiff on Monday injection 18, I put in smoothly. But soon after I was sneezing badly. Then I had parasitamol tablets. I was ok after a few hours.

On Tuesday it was very hot day so we decided to enjoy Barry Island beach in Cardiff. On Wednesday evening we were back in London.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

17thWeek(08/08/05-14/08/05)injection 17

This Monday I had injection 17 as normal as the last one. No major side effects. I am going towards the end of the treatment slowly but steadily. Last week I was getting sore mouth again ,so I used rinstead pastilles and my sore mouth has nearly gone.

The confusion in my PCR test result has been cleared, as I asked Martin and my nurse. Because the viral load before I started the treatment was very high. It was over 2 millions. Now at the half of the treatment the viral load is only 32000. It is a big drop. Hopefully at the end of the treatment the virus will disappear. I can only pray to God for this.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

16thWeek(01/08/05-07/08/05)Injection 16 and PCR Result

Injection 16 went in smoothly as normal. And no major side effects. Just slight fever and sneezing. I had paracetamol tablets 2 hours after the injection.
Today I attended the nurses appointment. My nurse Marry Crossy has retired and she was not there. My new nurse Susan attended me. She is very nice and very polite. She gave very good news that my treatment is responding and we are continuing the treatment.I was very happy to hear that. Atleast I did not suffer by the treatment for nothing.Then she took blood samples and gave me my next appointment date. She said you look healthier and brighter than I saw you before the treament. Then she asked me if there is any problems I am facing? I said no I am fine at the moment. She said if there is any problems you can ring me.

Then she gave me the copy of my PCR test result, which I could not under stand very well. The result is as below.

HCV Quant .RNA(bDNA): <615 IU/ml 19.07.05
HCV Quant .RNA(bDNA): <3,200 coppies/ml
Fluctuating low levels of HCV RNA may not be detected by PCR.

All I know that my nurse told me that my treatment is responding and I am carrying on with my treatment, I thank God for that.