Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Blood Samples For PCR Test

On Friday 16th Dec. I saw my nurse. She was very pleased to see me. She asked me how I was. I told her, "I am doing well but some time I get pain in my liver site. And that pain is after dinner when I get wind in my tummy". She told me that it is not necessary that this pain is because of Hep. C, it could be any other reason. Then she told me that your last blood test results show that you are doing very well and your liver functions are becoming normal.

Then my nurse told me that this PCR test is very important. The result could be undetectable or it could be detectable but when you will have your next 24 week after PCR test, the result could be the same as this test or opposite. She told me that you will not get results this year. So ring me after 3rd January 2006. I pray to God for me and every other sufferer for good results and good health.