Saturday, November 26, 2005

Post Treatment 10th week (05/12/05-11/12/05)Liver Site Pain

I have been away from my computer activities. Now I am trying to catch up with every other blogs.
Post treatment days and I have nearly forgotten that one day I was on treatment. Some time after eating I get wind in my tommy and then I get pain in liver site. I hope and pray its not virus coming back!

Tiredness and breathlessness has finished and I feel almost fit and healthy apart from liver site pain. On 16th December I am going for second PCR test. My nurse have already told me that the result could be undetectable or very less amount of viruses. And it could be detectable! in this case I have to wait for an other new medicine to get the treatment as medicine research for Hep. C is still in progress. So I am not worry about the result. Whatever the result I would accept it and thankful to God.

I pray for every one for good health. I want to say every one Marry Christmas and A Happy New Year. I will be busy to celebrate our second Eid on 10th or 11th January 2006. May God bless us all.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Post Treatment 5th Week ( 31/10/05-06/11/05)

Post treatment days going very smoothly and very quickly. Every thing is normal. Sometime I get dry skin so I have to use E45 cream. So over all I am doing well. Month of Ramadan is ending to day. And tomorrow I will be celebrating Eid. I will be praying for myself and every other patients for good health.

last week I have seen my nurse. She took blood samples. Then she asked me about my next PCR test date. She told me that my post treatment 12th week is finishing on 18th December and because of the Christmas holidays they might not be able to process my results this year. So I have the choice to come for the test before Christmas or next year in January 2006. She advised me to take the chance before Christmas, so I agreed with her and she booked my next appointment for me on 16th December 2005 for my 1st post treatment PCR test.