Tuesday, May 31, 2005


7th injection went in smoothly. As usual I had lucozade with caramel special addition KitKat bar and had a little rest for twenty minutes.Two hours after the injection I took paracetamol tablets.I slept well that night. No major side effects.

last week most of the days were normal. Only one day I could not sleep well. Because that day I was facing some personal problems. Rest of the days were normal. On Friday when I was sitting in the mosque for Friday prayers. I was feeling itchy on my right foot. So I was itching badly. After a while I noticed that I have scratched my foot to bleed. like some times a cat gives you a scratch when you tease it. So I stopped itching immediately. Thank God, my sore mouth has gone.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

6thWeek(23/05/05-29/05/05)Injection6 and sleepy me

Yesterday I did the 6th injection. I did it very smoothly. Usually I have a bath and do the evening prayer. After saying my prayers I put every necessary things on the table like bin, injection and tissues ext. Then before I sit on the chair to prepare the injection I wash my hands with antibacterial soap. Half an hour before I had paracetamol tablet. I felt normal after the injection but in the morning I felt heavy headed and sleepy. So after the breakfast and rivb. tablets I fell asleep for an hour. But that's not enough I still feel sleepy.I hope I sleep well tonight.

last week most of the days were normal. But one day was not the normal because I could not eat any thing. I was not in the mood to eat any thing. I just managed to eat some vegetable and chicken soap. Thank God I was alright for the rest of the days. On the right side of my tongue I got blisters keep coming and going so it puts me off eating. I do not know how to deal with this problem?

On Sunday I went with my family to trafalgar squar.when I tried to get up near the high statue, I felt my heart is beating very fast.Soon I got down and had a rest on a seat.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

5thWeek(16/05/05-22/05/05)Injection 5 And forgetful me

Monday was the 5th injection day. This time I felt pain when I put the injection in and out, perhaps I put it too near to the previous site. My toothache has gone. But I am still completing the antibiotic tablets course. Yesterday I was feeling itchy, apart from this I am feeling tiredness and hard breath but no major side effects.

yesterday evening I was very forgetful. After dinner when I had my ribv. Tablets, I took one antidepressants tablet aswell. When I swallowed it done then I remembered that I took an extra tablet because I already took one in the morning. I was a bit worried about taking an extra tablet but I thought the nurse already told me that I can change the time from morning to evening. I thought I will not take in the morning. Thank God I slept well last night. So this morning I just took ribv.tablets and antibiotics tablet. I rang my nurse this morning and told her the situation. She was very good to me this time. She told me that nothing to worry about it and she agreed with me about starting to have antidepressants tablet in the evening instead of in the morning.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Fever, Toothache and Joints pain.

The day before yesterday I was not well at all. I was suffering from fever, toothache and joints pain. For tooth each I asked my nurse about having the tablets. She told me that there is no problem to take antibiotics with the treatment. So I started having antibiotics immediately.

Thanks Martinb and Wendy for your advice. My toothache has nearly gone now. That day I was suffering with high fever and joint pain. I was feeling like someone has beaten me up.I had paracetamols twice that day. To day there is no joint pain and no fever. I am feeling ok now, just I feel very tired and weak.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Yesterday I had the 4th injection smoothly. As normal no major side effects. Only flu like symptoms and I feel very tired all the time. If I walk for longer I become breathless.

yesterday I have seen the dentist. She told me that there is small infection in my gum. So she cleaned my teeth and prescribed me mouthwash and antibiotic tablets.although she told me that because of my liver condition she is not giving me strong antibiotics but still I have not started to have the tablets. I am only using mouthwash and waiting for the pain to go away. If it does not work then I will ring my nurse and ask about starting the tablets. But I feel that the toothache is becoming less and hopefully it will disappear.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


First of all I want to say thanks Martinb, Paul, Sue, Lu and Jonathan for their very supporting comments in my site. I am not depressed any more. One thing I realized that people with Hep. c and without can not have the same feelings about the hep. c patients thanks to the blogspot.com that we get in touch with each other and share feelings of each other.

From the day before yesterday I am having toothache. My right side last tooth with gum is hurting.I have got the appointment with my dentist on Monday. At the moment I am having paracetamol, mouth wash and having my teeth cleaned more often. It could be one the side effects of the treatment?I have not got any idea.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Week3rd(02/05/05-08/05/05)Injection3.AND DEPRESSING NURSE

On Monday I did the third injection in the evening with two paracetamols as Martinb, Sue, Lu and Ron advised me. It was ok. All I felt at midnight was flue like symptoms but soon I went to sleep.No major side effects at all only weakness and hard breathing.

yesterday I visited my nurse. This visit was very depressing. First thing she said was good that ,your last blood result was very good and you don,t need weekly blood tests any more. You need to come back after one month. If any thing is wrong in the new blood test I will ring you. Then I asked her when can you tell me about the response of the treatment? Then she started talking depressing things. She said we never tell people about the response because the virus can be undetectable after 3 or 6 months but they can hide in your brain or bonemarrow and can come back any time. I said that's right but what will happen if the virus comes back? She said only one thing you have good is that you have got geno type3 but you are overweight so this treatment might not help you. If this treatment is unsuccessful we won,t do any thing after this. You had your go and other people need to have their turn. I said that I read on internet that people are having their third go after unsuccessful treatment. She said no it is not possible, perhaps they had old treatment and now they are trying new treatment. Then I did not argue much and took the perscription for the next month med. pack and copy of blood test results and said good bye to her. After this visit I felt very depressed. Because she did not give me any hope. God bless her.