Sunday, July 09, 2006

Liver Scan

On Monday 3rd July I attended the hospital for liver scan. I had liver scan before I started the treatment. This time nurse said let me view your last scan reports. So with workink on the computer for a few moments, he found my last scan reports. Then he started the scan. The scan was very smooth and quick. The nurse told me that your liver condition pretty much the same there is not much difference. Then he told me that he will send these reports to my doctor.

I came out of the room with incoming questions in my mind, like would my liver damage ever be recovered? or I have to live like that for the rest of my life?As my nurse Susan told me that if liver got big damage like mine 5/6 it is possibility that it would not heal but it would not get any further damage either because there is no virus. That mean I have to live with damaged liver and I have to live with slight liver area pain. I still get tiredness and headache after some work and, perhaps I have to live like that all my life.

I am still happy whatever the situation is ! and thankful to God. Now I got appointment with Doctor Thomas in Sep. 2006 and I am saving my questions for him.